🔗 10 Years of MacStories

Congratulations to Federico Viticci and the incredible MacStories team on this achievement! Here’s a bit Viticci wrote on the occasion that encapsulates what I love so much about this website:

At some point by the end of 2012, I made the decision that we were going to stop reporting rumors or leaks and that chasing news stories to be “first” was no longer going to be our priority. I decided that I wanted MacStories to go back to its roots by prioritizing original reporting, editorials, and reviews over rehashing information that other websites were covering better than MacStories anyway.

Anyone can report on Apple news, but not many can do it with the depth and expertise of Viticci and the team.

My Shortcuts Wishlist - The Little Things

Since Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app (nothing confusing about that naming scheme!), a lot have been said about what features they should add. There are a few common demands: Siri Shortcuts input to create flexible shortcuts, scheduling Shortcuts to run at specific times and folders/tags to organize long lists of Shortcuts in the app. Don’t get me wrong: these wishes are awesome features that I would love to see in the next big update of the Shortcuts app, however, they are all big changes that, in some cases, need developer support and API changes, which makes them unlikely to happen without some on-stage time in some Apple event, most likely WWDC.

What I’m interested in getting into right now are the features that don’t need that kind of attention, the features that can be added in a small point release, the features some people could maybe not even notice if they’re not really paying attention. I started thinking about this after an interesting conversation with Matthew Cassinelli on the Shortcuts User Group Discord server and here are a few small features I would love to see

Less Alone

For a long while now, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. I always had an excuse though. “I need hosting”, “I don’t have a good domain name”, “nobody will find/be interested in what I have to say” and other reasons not to start.

So, here I am. I still don’t have any domain name, don’t think this GitHub Pages hosting will be my permanent solution, and still don’t think most people will ever find this, and if they did, they will most likely not be interested at all in reading what I, a random person, has to say about anything.